Kiribati (native name: Kiribati) is a country in Micronesia. Its capital city is South Tarawa. Kiribati has an area of 811 km2 and a population of nearly 113400 people, or I-Kiribatis as the natives are called, which speak English. It is part of the .

The country code for Kiribati is "KI", the country code top level domain (ccTLD) is ."ki".

Kiribati's Internet

Because Kiribati is a member of () some of its rules apply. In general there is none censorship happening. 12.92% of the population uses the internet.

Security in Kiribati

Kiribati scores Null/100 n the category corruption rank. The lower the country scores, the more corrupt it is. In case you're in Kiribati for a visit and want to return home safe with all your data you should definitely use a VPN. The same goes for residents of Kiribati who need to shield themselves from online dangers and want to unblock restricted channels and TV stations.

Why do I need a I-Kiribati IP address anyway?

People looking for a way to get a IP address from Kiribati are normally I-Kiribati expats feeling a little home-sick. With a I-Kiribati IP, expats can access their local websites and services. They can make up for lost time with every one of the shows they used to watch back home and even do banking online safely.

Others might want a I-Kiribati IP to learn English. Watching or listening to shows from Kiribati can benefit their language skills. Still, others might simply want to browse the internet anonymously. A I-Kiribati IP address is a exotic IP address.

Get a I-Kiribati IP address - Our Final Thoughts

Using a VPN to get a exotic IP address from Kiribati is the most convenient and safest way to hide your real location. Rather than flying there you can browse the internet as if you were in Kiribati. And the best: you're also benefiting from the security and privacy our VPN partners offer you.

Country flag of Kiribati

Country: Kiribati

Region: Oceania


Corruption: Null/100

Number of Internet users: 14649

Censorship level: none